Month: May 2016

Big talk from the BACP?

Check out May’s edition of Therapy Today for a look at the future of BACP. At least that’s the idea. BACP Chair Andrew Reeves and Chief Executive Officer Hadyn Williams talk on p44 about a new direction. Let us know your

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The Impact of Loss and How to Move Forward

Written by Basia Spalek Our society places great focus upon gains – gaining an education, gaining employment, getting a husband or a wife or a partner, having children, securing financial stability. What is often unspoken about is loss. Inherent to

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Struggles of a veteran

Written by Holly Black. Many people may assume that a veteran leaving their military post is always a positive, happy and special time. No-more long periods of time away from home, no more being posted unexpectedly to daunting countries, no

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