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Counsellor. Workshop: Pain-free CBT

“I attended the Pain-Free CBT Workshop this month, presented by Mo and Toni, and found it to be very inspiring. The presentation style of the workshop enabled me to gain clarity and insight into how to utilise CBT in my practice. I also came away with greater understanding of the process for applying CBT in client work. Mo and Toni have a warm and friendly demeanour and impart a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere during their workshop. I can thoroughly recommend attending the Cinnabar training courses and workshops.“

Counsellor. Workshop: Methods for Unpacking Trauma

“This workshop addressed ways of working with a difficult subject in a practical yet sensitive way. The resources were interesting, uncomplicated and relevant. Well presented and enjoyable.”

Counsellor. Workshop: Methods for Unpacking Trauma  

“Mo and Toni – straight talking, clear approach and experiences with survivors – a good workshop!”

Counsellor working with First Steps. Workshop: Working with victims of sexual abuse

“I really enjoyed the day – very informative in a friendly atmosphere”

Counsellor working with First Steps. Workshop: Working with victims of sexual abuse

“The high point of the day was the final part on understanding the Existential, which really hit the spot.”

Counsellor working with veterans. Workshop: Health.

“Fab resources. You really brought Psychodynamic theory to life. You made it simple, accessible and meaningful.”

Counselling student, pre-Diploma. Workshop: Psychodynamic Theory.

“Fantastic workshop. I feel today helped me add another string to my bow. P.S. Who knows where it will take me and my future clients?”

Counselling professional. Workshop: Psychodynamic Theory.

“Excellent day. Thank you.”

Professional therapist. Workshop: Psychodynamic Theory.

“I was engaged from the very start to the finish of the day.”

Counselling professional. Workshop: Famiy Issues.

“I would have liked to have had more time to play with the props myself – although who knows what might have come through!”

Counselling student, Diploma. Workshop: Using Tools and Props

“Clear, concise presentation – lots of different ways to tackle a problem.”

Professional nurse. Workshop: Taster in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

“The workshop helped me make sense of it all – methodical and clear. I would not have passed without their great individual guidance”

Recently accredited counsellor. Workshop: Going for Accreditation

“It stopped me from feeling so overwhelmed and helped me understand the stages I need to go through.”

Counsellor working towards accreditation. Workshop: Going for Accreditation