Social Networks and Life Events

Social Networks and Life Events

At our workshop on Saturday 16th June we will be looking at the effects of common life events on your clients – these effects can range from depression and stress to insomnia and relationship conflict. Life events will include divorce, death, empty nest, illness, redundancy, menopause, disability, legal action, and accidents.

We will then explore the ‘ripple’ effects of these life events on the people in their lives as well as the secondary influences that can follow. Social networks will include family, extended family, step families, adoption, work colleagues, neighbours, friends, and exes.

We will also discuss the role of social media in supporting or exacerbating situations

Finally, we will move on to discuss crisis and recovery techniques and tools. These will concentrate on managing the initial stages, coping with the first few days and weeks, and then rebuilding “normal”.

Our workshop will include materials and activities (some personal work and some using case studies). There will be opportunities to network with other counsellors from a variety of placements and practices. We keep numbers small so everyone can get the most from the day.

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