Workshop: Working with Neurodiverse Clients

This workshop will be looking at the challenges and rewards of working with clients of all ages who are neurodiverse, specifically focusing on those with ASD or ADHD either diagnosed or undiagnosed. We have chosen to focus on those two diagnoses as they are particularly apparent at the moment, but of course neurodiversity encompasses a great deal of difference that we just can’t cover in one workshop! We will also cover those who are bringing issues about neurodiversity to counselling relating to family members or other people in their lives.

We will touch on:

  • Definitions and ideas about neurodiversity – what science says, what the medical community say, and what history has had to say about it.
  • The lived experience of being neurodiverse:
    • Common reactions to diagnoses, stigma and isolation
    • Sensory issues affecting one of both ADHD and ASD such as overstimulation/overwhelm, stimming, and repetitive movements
    • Behavioural issues such as impulsivity/rigidity, Executive Dysfunction, hyper-focus, Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria (RSD), ritualistic behaviours
    • Emotional issues and problems with communication
  • Common issues for family, friends and employers
  • Issues for you as a counsellor:
    • What do counsellors get wrong?
    • What can you offer?
    • What works?

Mo and Toni will be facilitating, and this time we also have a special guest lecturer who has a wealth of experience from specialising in treating clients with neurodiversity. Mo also brings years of experience as a counsellor and as a mother to a neurodiverse daughter.

The day will be interactive with practical activities that may involve your own experiences and emotions. There will also be opportunities to network with other counsellors from a variety of placements and practices and a lovely cold buffet lunch is included in the price.

Thanks to popular demand, we are holding another sitting of this workshop on Saturday 17th February 2024. Our workshops are held at Easton on the Hill Village Hall, New Road, Easton on the Hill, PE9 3NN from 10am – 4.00pm (9.30am registration and coffee).

Cost: £80.00 includes refreshments and light lunch.

If you want to reserve your place please click here for an application form. We will accept post-dated cheques to reserve your place. Contact: Mo Smith,, 07885674218