Patience at The Tavistock Clinic

Mo read an article about The Tavistock Clinic that moved her a great deal. 

The story of Josh, a young boy born to vile and pointless parents. Why did they bother to have a child when all they wanted was to party? They had sex and thought nothing more of it – nothing of the responsibility of caring for the child they had made together. In this day and age, contraception is so easy and yet how many unwanted children are born into nightmares and treated worse than animals?

This wild little boy who tried to care for the other children around him showed a lot of courage we think. 

Thank goodness there are angels out there. Patient and calm and inspirational. In the Tavistock Clinic and among the ranks of the foster carers and adopters. They have so much love, they give it freely, and they don’t give up.