Workshop: Going for BACP Accreditation 2023

Workshop: Going for BACP Accreditation 2023

Are you ready to go for accreditation but finding it hard to get motivated? Does the paperwork seem overwhelming? Have you tried to submit a portfolio but been told it’s not quite right?

Our workshop on Saturday 1st April 2023 will help you understand what is required to become BACP accredited, and begin the process of pulling together your evidence. By the end of the day you will feel more confident about the process and be one huge step closer toward successful accreditation. You’ll also get a prepared folder with sections for all the parts of your entry. Past students have found our help invaluable in getting them through the process and starting their written answers on:

  • Ethics and professional standards 
  • Diversity and difference in counselling
  • Theories to practice, which theory do you work with
  • Case Studies, what to take out of a case study for showing how you work.

We will show you which evidence you need and where and how to submit it AND we will continue to support you after the workshop until you achieve a successful application.

Bring with you:

  • Facts and figures from your own practice (No. of hours and places you have worked)
  • Continuing professional development (details of a course or workshop or activity you have done fairly recently)
  • Your Log Book
  • Ideas about your theory of practice/ way of working
  • Thoughts on a Case Study you might use for your application (the client that you have learned from and taken to supervision)
  • A breakdown of your study hours (skills and theory)
  • Copies of your certificated and other proofs

The workshop will be at the Easton on the Hill Village Hall, New Road, Easton on the Hill, PE9 3NN

10am – 4pm (9.30am registration and coffee)

Cost: £85.00 includes refreshments and light lunch.

Click here for an application form