Workshop: Pain-free CBT!

Our workshop on Saturday 17th March 2018 will focus on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. We will explore what it is and how it works, then apply it to some common issues. By the time you leave you will be able to use CBT in an adaptive, intuitive way. We believe that CBT is more than simply handing out worksheets.

You will learn:

  • the Cinnabar Training step by step approach to using CBT with a client
  • how to break down problems holistically using Lazarus’ multimodal approach
  • understanding presentations of anger, anxiety, insomnia and phobia
  • using narrative to change negative thoughts, reframe memories and redefine behaviours
  • using many different theoretical approaches to work towards your clients’ goals

Our workshop will include materials and activities (some personal work and some using case studies). There will be opportunities to network with other counsellors from a variety of placements and practices. We keep numbers small so everyone can get the most from the day.

The workshop will be at the Easton on the Hill Village Hall, New Road, Easton on the Hill, PE9 3NN

10am – 4.00pm (9.30am registration and coffee)

Cost: £70.00 includes refreshments and light lunch.

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2 Comments on “Workshop: Pain-free CBT!

  1. I attended the Pain-Free CBT Workshop this month, presented by Mo and Toni, and found it to be very inspiring. The presentation style of the workshop enabled me to gain clarity and insight into how to utilise CBT in my practice. I also came away with greater understanding of the process for applying CBT in client work. Mo and Toni have a warm and friendly demeanour and impart a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere during their workshop. I can thoroughly recommend attending the Cinnabar training courses and workshops.

    Many thanks,


  2. Thanks for a good, involving workshop. I use CBT at work, and today really helped focus on how well it can be used. The holistic approach really Suits me and my way of working. Love Toni, and Mo is just so warm and fabulous.
    Til the next time……..