Overcoming OCD on a long walk


This week, the BBC website had a lovely inspiration article about Tom Clancy, a man with severe OCD who has been tackling the 1,200 mile walk from John O’ Groats to Land’s End for charity.

He has had to deal with his intrusive thoughts and obsessive concerns as well as hygiene on the move. For a sufferer with OCD, these things can become an enormous weight that stops many from even leaving their home.

Mo says: Well done! It’s common for OCD sufferers to need things to be spotless, no germs, clean and tidy, and in order – with all that going on, to go walking using toilets and facilities wherever is amazing.

He found the courage to detach himself from the frenzy inside his head that was saying “NO, STOP!”. Voices which were against him all the way, encouraging him to be afraid.

I have had clients with OCD who have benefitted from visualising they were in another, cleaner and tidier place when they felt overwhelmed. Others have used counting and told themselves they will be safe and out of there by the time they reach 20.

Toni says: Celebrate every achievement, whether it is coping with a new working environment (those loos!) or taking up a sport that requires you to get sweaty and meet new people.

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