Safe Tea for local mental health


On Thursday 27th April, we went to Fine Foods café in Stamford for an evening of Safe Tea.

Our friendly host, local GP Dr Dan Peitre, organised the drop-in event to get people talking about mental health.

Top of the list for him is to try to get us all working together as a community. “I lived on a military base for many years and we all looked after each other,” he told us. He is hoping that we can learn to do the same in Stamford.

In time, he is hoping to develop the plans for a mental health centre, linked to the soon-to-be combined GP surgeries of the town, where people can drop in and find a supportive listener for their issues and other vital services.

The next event is on 12th May at 7.30pm. Everyone is welcome, whether professional carer, support worker, counsellor or sufferer.

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