Toni Thoughts: Picking a Direction

Toni Thoughts: Picking a Direction

We’ve just decided to cancel our next workshop in June as so many of our favourite students have told us they can’t make it because of prior commitments.

We don’t usually hold one in June and now I remember why – so much happening in everyone’s lives. There are exams, and exams finally finishing – an end to months of anticipation, worry, stress and sleeplessness. There are trips to potential universities – trips full of excitement and adventure but also heart-pulling trepidation and concern. Some are on holiday taking advantage of term time rates and early summer heat. There are weddings and parties, day trips and family outings. Everyone it seems has something to do! So Mo and I decided to bow out gracefully before our preparations got too advanced.

It made me think though about how often we all stick to our guns when we really should think again. Sometimes we anticipate the blame and fallout that might rain down on us, the i-told-you-sos and why-didn’t-you-thinks. Sometimes we look at the steps we’ve already taken down our little path and cannot entertain even the idea of going backward.

But sometimes, going backward is the forward-thinking thing to do. It enables us to breathe easy, the relief of no longer trying to force something into being. It enables us to plan for something better, having learned lessons and then to find a way to work without the restrictions that so concerned us before.

In our case, we’re going to postpone this particular workshop until next year. We’re going to do one as planned in the Autumn which will probably look at depression and anxiety, and hopefully schedules will smile on us.

For all of you who are racing around the world with families, pets, cars and studies in tow – find a space for yourself each and every day and ask yourself if you’re moving in the right direction. Then breathe in and out, think about your favourite movie star for a whole minute, and go and make yourself a cuppa.