Using Mindfulness in Counselling workshop: 16/04/16

Join us for a fun and practical, interactive day looking at mindfulness – what it is and how you can apply it in your practice. Reserve your seat!

This workshop will give you the chance to practice new skills and take part in plenty of lively group work and case study analysis. There will also be networking opportunities and the chance to find out about working in other settings. A degree of self-reflection will be encouraged during activities, but personal disclosure will be optional. There will be some brief meditation exercises, but the majority of the day will be about using mindfulness as another tool in your professional toolkit. We won’t be lying on the floor and doing any deep breathing!

The day will cover:

  • How we perceive, feel and think
  • Dissociation, rumination and over thinking
  • Cultivating awareness of our bodies and our environment
  • Becoming more accepting of experience
  • Applying mindfulness to stressful life experiences (inc. bereavement, serious illness, new baby, new job, moving house, divorce)
  • Techniques to use when working with your clients
  • (Note: although we will be mentioning it, this workshop will not be focusing on the MBCT therapy for depression).
10am – 4.00pm (Coffee and registration from 9.30am, Lunch and refreshments provided)
Price: £65 per person. 5 HOURS CPD – certificate supplied.
Venue: Borderville Sports Centre Ryhall Road, Stamford, Lincolnshire PE9 1US
For more information, contact:

2 Comments on “Using Mindfulness in Counselling workshop: 16/04/16

  1. The workshop was really helpful on Saturday and gave me lots of ways to do mindfulness tasks with my clients both at my workplace and during my placement with counselling and in the future. This week I will putting together a workshop for my clients as we do one every month on different aspects of managing mental health so the next one will be on using mindfulness techniques which they have requested. So a big thanks for your help on Saturday! I particularly liked the practical tasks and worksheets which I will be definitely be using 🙂

  2. Another workshop, and tired achey feet! Really pleased with how this one went. It was a challenging subject to give the “Cinnabar treatment”. We didn’t want to simply present the self actualising elements of mindfulness. We wanted to make sure attendees left with practical ways to apply mindfulness to their work – applying it to the kinds of presenting issues they see everyday. I think we did that! Got some lovely feedback which I will be adding to our testimonials page. Still not entirely happy with the venue – we’re keeping our eyes open for an alternative. Next workshop will be around September time and we are thinking of doing it on attachment.